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March 9, 2014

Sample Sundays: “Wildflower,” Hank Crawford (1973)

Today’s song was sampled by some of hip hop’s most beloved artists, including a former television star and the son of Black Panthers.

Press play and see if you can figure out who sampled “Wildflower” and what songs were created from it. Read on to see if you’re right!

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September 18, 2013

New Music Video: “Crooked Smile,” J. Cole feat. TLC (2013)

In hopes of avoiding any spoilers, let’s leave it at this: J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”-track gets hitched to an unrelated but touching storyline in this short film.

September 11, 2013

Hump Day Music: “Blow Up,” J. Cole (2010)

Credit problems, student loans and dreams of making it big on your own: Cole’s definitely preaching somebody's life right now.

Cheers to all of us who are about to blow up, too.

July 28, 2013

Sample Sundays: “Theme from the Planets,” Dexter Wansel (1976)

Philadelphian producer Dexter Wansel is behind two great hip hop tracks in a big way. “Spotlight" (from Wiz Khalifa’s popular "Kush & OJ" mixtape) and "Slapp" (from Stalley’s last pre-Maybach Music mixtape "Lincoln Way Nights") both use a slowed version of Wansel’s "Theme from the Planets" as a base.

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June 30, 2013
loop: june ‘13

loop is a monthly compilation of new music that you need to hear.


This month’s roster:

1. “Favorite Star" by Quadron
They just came out with an amazing new album! Download “Avalanche” asap.

2. “Chaining Day" by J. Cole
Cole came back with a second a vengeance. Download his second album “Born Sinner,” sit back and enjoy.

3. “BYD" by Shawn Chrystopher (Download)

4. “Someone New" by Treasure Davis feat. Slick Rick
She collaborated with a legend! Watch her new video here.

5. “Afraid" by Amel Larrieux
Music blogs went crazy when this song hit the Internet. We’re all so excited for new music from Amel and her upcoming album “Ice Cream Every Day.”

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June 23, 2013

New Music: “Let Nas Down (Remix),” J. Cole feat. Nas (2013)

Wow! This moment is so touching. Nas hops on J. Cole’s track “Let Nas Down” from the new must-own album “Born Sinner.” On the remix, Nas says:

While you was writing down my rhymes I was just trying to show you
that if you say what’s in your mind, you can stand the test of time.
Now I’m playing “Born Sinner” loud, saw you live, rock the crowd
like wow, you made your n**** Nas proud.

Download available here.

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