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September 19, 2012
Wild Wednesdays: Live from the Underground

My friends have been encouraging me to be less of a bum and to start writing about the concerts I go to. So here I am, laid up in bed trying to recall the bits and pieces from Sunday night…


On September 16, Mississippi artist Big K.R.I.T. came to me. Well, technically he came to my area. But I like to imagine he was showing up just for me. I heard about the show on a whim a couple months ago. After buying his debut studio album (yes, a hard copy!) in June, seeing him in concert was the logical next step. It’s a shame, though, that the tour hasn’t been promoted more thoroughly. But I suppose it’s only fair, considering he’s technically still an artist on the rise.

The venue was nearby, cozy and inexpensive; three characteristics I love when it comes to live music. I bought my ticket weeks in advance for fear of the show selling out. With excitement, I contacted a few friends and family members in the area to arrange a night out to see Big K.R.I.T. But by night before concert, they had all fallen off after feeding me legitimate reasons why they could no longer make it. Luckily I had already wrapped my mind around the fact that I may be seeing this man alone for two reasons. First, the music lovers I know in VA don’t seem to be K.R.I.T. fans like I am. Second, and most importantly, people always flake! At the last minute, though, I found a couple other people who were going and we rolled together.


I wore my black Rock the Bells t-shirt and an orange hat, hoping to look laidback but, you know, still good. I think I accomplished that goal. It was finally time to see K.R.I.T.! When we arrived at the venue, the parking lot looked emptier than it should have. Then I realized why: a Sunday night show at a rinky dink space in Northern Virginia in a shopping center, behind a gas station and next to a Sichuan restaurant is not going to draw a huge crowd. Yes, it was random as hell.

The crowd was so small (and monochromatic, if you know what I mean…), my friends and I were worried the performers would be upset that no one was there. I had already experienced a situation where the artist gave zero f’s about his appearance and performance (Cam’ron, I’m looking at you), so I wasn’t looking for that again.


I have to hand it to them, though. Despite a tiny audience, everyone put on a pretty damn good show. A few unknown local artists took the stage early in the night while I checked out the tables of local clothing vendors in the back of the room. The energy started picking up by the time Tito Lopez came out. I had heard of him before, but never actively searched for his music. I’m glad he was there; that boy is talented! But for most of his performance, I stayed on the sidelines, just nodding my head along to the beat. Big Sant was up next. That’s Big Sant as in “BIG SUNT”… not SAN-t, not SAINT. He made sure we all had it right by the end of the night. I expected to know at least one of his songs, so I chilled in the crowd during his set. Then, Slim Thug performed for about 20 minutes. I imagine he did a good job, but since I’m not a huge fan of his, I kicked it at the bar with a pretty blue drink. When he was done, he took over a table in the corner to sign autographs and take fan pics. Kudos to him for that.


Then it was time for K.R.I.T. to come out. I was still a bit worried he wasn’t going to bring the fire once he saw the sparse crowd. But as we all pushed to the front of the stage to get closer to the man, I knew it was all going to be fine. K.R.I.T.’s performance was the only time I seriously moved around all night. Jumping up and down as we all recited the lyrics to “I Got This.” Swaying as a unit as K.R.I.T. sang he end of “The Vent.” Dancing my butt off as he did his verse from “Money on the Floor.” Earlier, I said I was hoping he’d do “Insomnia.” Sadly, he didn’t. But he did perform my favorite song from K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, “Hometown Hero.”

I genuinely had a good time—my blown ears and scratchy voice at the end of the night served as proof—and I get the feeling he did too, if only for the fact that he could do whatever he wanted without worrying about pleasing a huge crowd. He jumped up and down, sprayed water bottles, signed hellllla autographs and gave hugs to all the ladies in the front.


K.R.I.T.’s a great artist and I hope he gets the promotion he deserves. I know a lot of people feel that artists “sell out” when they sign to major labels… so they stop being fans. I understand that sentiment, but I always like to keep in mind that these people are making a living from producing music. Literally, it’s what they do to feed and clothe themselves and their families. To survive. If you were a K.R.I.T. fan before the album, I hope you really took time to listen to it. If you just got put onto him now, go back and listen to his old work. And if you hadn’t heard of him before this moment, take your butt to the rest of the World Wide Web, download his discography (I still need to check out his projects from 2005-2009) and get familiar.

*Concert photos by my homie @bimbocoles on Instagram.

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