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October 20, 2014


one day in vancouver, we entered a shop, had this song, immediately proceeded to buy the song due to the great bass guitar.

That’s awesome!! A good bass line is a beautiful thing.

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October 19, 2014

New-ish Music: “Aquarius,” Tinashe (2014)

I started listening to this after 1 a.m. last week and, even though I was dead tired, it made me want to finish the rest of the album (“Aquarius” is the first track).

About other tracks: “Far Side of the Moon” reminds me of Aaliyah and post-“Never Say Never” Brandy. “What Is There To Lose" feels like something Janet’s done. I say this not to lump her in with other people, but to provide a reference point. TInashe herself cites Janet, as well as Sade and Michael, as inspirations.

What have you been thinking, feeling & hearing about Tinashe’s debut studio album? Share in the comments or on your reblog!

* This post was updated to include information about other tracks.

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October 19, 2014

Anonymous said: Can I email you a press release for me and my producers new album?

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October 18, 2014



Taking Calls.

Childish actually holds his own with Kari Faux here.

Three cellphones and I still don’t ever call ‘em
Why would I call ‘em? Bitch you know I’m ballin’
Spendin’ money, make it bounce back like Spalding (swish)
Got a new nigga and he say he from New Orleans (lil woadie!)
And he ain’t talkin’ money nigga, why the fuck you talkin’
All my bitches bossy, all my diamonds flossy
Rap game sriracha man you know I’m saucy
I got a white dude in Boston, he whip an Audi (skrrt!)

Yooooo… this is what I listen to when I’m walking to the train.

October 17, 2014

New-ish Music: “The Light,” SBTRKT feat. Denai Moore (2014)

If you haven’t listened to SBTRKT’s new album “Wonder Where We Land" yet, get on it ASAP. (Pitchfork gave it a 5.5/10, but you know how they do…) I have to give it at least a 7.5, considering I’ve been listening to it so much this week.

This track features East London’s Denai Moore. Learn more about her by reading her Telegraph interview and then listening to her on SoundCloud.

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October 13, 2014
Ireland’s Got Soul: Q&A with Shookrah


Shookrah is the kind of band loves-holiday.com was made for — they’re soulful, instrumental, collaborative and international. I can feel how much the Irish 8-member collective loves music; their favorite albums include Outkast’s “Spearkboxxx/The Love Below” and Janelle Monáe’s “The ArchAndroid.” The lead single, “W O M A N,” to the group’s new project features a funky guitar, unrelenting horns, three powerful voices singing the praises of womanhood and percussion that bring it all together.

Shookrah is reminiscent of Sharon Stone & the Dap Kings, Amy Winehouse and KING, but don’t let those references morph into comparisons. Their sound is all their own.

I could go on and on with adjectives, but I’d rather you draw your own conclusions. Shookrah’s debut EP “Implicit Content” is available to stream below and well be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play soon.

After the break, press play and read on to learn more about the group.

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